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The back story: The village elders all agreed that selling their wives & daughters into forced prostitution would be the best way for the community to make money for the long term.  These women believed that prostitution was all there was for them & thats what the gods had deemed for them. This mentality seeps into the next generation, and so we see generations of women stuck in lifestyles they do not see a way out of.

Enter in Hope: Hope is a disrupter to the status quo. When a local family saw the state of this community in India, they decided they had to step in. This type of change would take a life’s commitment to the women & families in order to create substitutionary opportunities of employment. The end goal is for women to have a choice out of forced prostitution. Hope disrupts the caste system where the women are seen as worse than lepers, and instead gives an opportunity for a new life with education for their children, a supportive wage, and culture change for the country they call home.

Where we come in: These women are artisans yet aren't able to sell locally because of their place in the caste system. We are partnering with women who have been rescued out of the Indian sex trade and given a dignity-enriching job. Your purchase allows women to stay employed in a job of dignity with a living wage, groceries, schooling for themselves and their children. Your purchase creates a stream of revenue that gives these women an opportunity for a new future for themselves and the generations to come. Because of you, their daughters can go to school instead of working on the streets. We are creating a new way out of poverty- a cycle of employment & dignity. 

We are re-imagining a new way forward in the fashion industry: fashion as a force for good. Fast fashion has created a consumer-maker disconnect. The consumers are so far removed from their purchases, they don't see that their purchase is actually employing slaves to work for them. We believe that if people knew, they would chose better. So we're here to be the better; to provide meaningful work and to show the powerful impact our clothing purchases can have if made thoughtfully.



Employing women rescued from the sex Trade 

The women can now have a life of dignity & purpose 


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