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For too long sunscreen has been lying to you. Chemically guarding you from sunburn while simultaneously roasting chemicals on your skin & leaking into your body & bloodstream disrupting hormones. Still dozens of preservatives and synthetic fragrances hiding sneakily in your 'more natural sunscreens' (I know I used to be an all natural sunscreen addict) 

Evergreen's Tallow Sunblock is made with real ingredients. Instead of chemically changing your skin to not burn, Evergreen sunblock uses non-nano Zinc Oxide to act as a mineral barrier. Whipped so it has an easy application. 

An SPF equivalent of about 25-35, water resistant, and nearly 100% absorbent (no strong white residue!). 

Simply apply as any sunscreen and allow a few minutes to absorb. Reapply after heavy activity or swimming (or out for 1-2 hours). 

 Small batch, handmade in the USA

Ingredients List: 
-100% grass fed & grass finished Tallow 
-Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 
-100% Cold Pressed Olive Oil 
-Coconut Oil 

Tallow Suncream